Temari is one of the most beautiful types of Sushi.

‘Don’t dunk your nigiri in the soy sauce.  Don’t mix your wasabi in the soy sauce.  If the rice is good, complement your sushi chef on the rice.’ Anthony Bourdain.

Temari Sushi.

Temari is a colourful and striking, easy-to-make ball shaped Sushi usually served in sets of 4, 8, 12.  Picture perfect Sushi that is uncommon in the UK.  Ideal for parties and festive gatherings.  If you’re creative you’ll love preparing Temari as they are customisable and have the cute factor necessary for kids or appetizers.

Impress the kids at Halloween with Pumpkin Temari.

Temari Sushi is named after the temari balls that they resemble.  The traditional balls are Japanese toys made out of leftover scraps of kimono fabric.  Just remember to pair flavours that go well together e.g avocado and butterfly prawn or carrot and beetroot and keep colour in mind.

Customise for kids to encourage healthy eating.

Moisten hands and measure 22g rice three times over.  Roll three ping pong shaped balls the same size.  Use a small piece of cling film and place the fish or ingredients in the centre.  Place the ball of rice on top.  Now gather up the corners to enclose the bundle.  Twist the ends tightly taking care, not to squash the contents too much!  Unwrap and decorate with ingredients.  Enjoy being as creative as you wish.

Cone shaped Temaki Sushi offers a touch of elegance.

Temaki Sushi (Hand rolls)

Temaki Sushi can bring a touch of elegance to your next batch of Sushi.  These cone shaped sushi rolls look fancy, are easy to make, taste great and can contain any filling you desire.  Try spicy beef, lettuce and mayonnaise, Teriyaki chicken, and salmon and avocado?

Simple hand rolled Sushi that will impress your party guests.

Most commonly eaten with ones fingers, as Temaki is cumbersome to pick up with chopsticks.  It is one of the easiest types of Sushi to learn, simply rolled with Nori seaweed, perfect for a sort of easy going Japanese taco night.  Enjoy mixing your own ingredients and develop your own ideas.

Spread rice on half the sheet.  Place all the ingredients for the filling diagonally. Fold from bottom corner up to the top middle and continue rolling to form a cone shape.  When the cone is almost fully rolled, add a grain of rice to the corner of the Nori and use it to ”stick” the corner on.

Cutting Sushi

Always place the roll line down so it doesn’t show.  Wet knife for a cleaner cut and use a gentle sawing motion.

Will Wong in action. Will’s passion for Sushi is infectious and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend an evening with him.

Sushi jokes

As a thank you to Will I’ve written out my eight favourite Sushi jokes just for him.  Warning some are so bad they are good.

  1. Why did the vegan start eating sushi?

Just for the halibut!

2) What did the sushi say to the bee.


3) How do you know if your sushi chef is a terrorist?  The dynamite rolls are made of Nitroglycerin.

4) What kind of sushi does Emilia clarke order?

Mother of dragon roll.

5) What do you call Sushi with a tie?


6) How does lady Gaga like her sushi?


7) Expensive sushi.

Thats a raw deal.

8) I asked my sushi chef what his favourite roll was

He said pay roll.

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Don’t ask Will to tell you his Sushi jokes because he’s currently writing a book and they are top secret.  But if you have any Sushi jokes get yourself down to The London Cookery school by booking onto one of their fantastic courses and share them with Will.  Or you can send them to Emma at surreyKitchen.com.

I fell a little bit in love with this delicious Japanese white tea during the course.

Japanese cooking ingredients that can be purchased from The London Cookery School.

Thank you to these crazy buskers for keeping me entertained all the way home to Epsom from The London cookery school.


Emma xxx